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An auto body paint job is quite a huge and complicated activity. If not done right, it can cause more serious problems down the road. It may seem not a cheap job when professionals do it, but there are many benefits of letting experts paint your vehicle. However, car bodywork after an accident doesn’t have to be a pain, or expensive. It could be cheap in the long run.

Collision Concepts is an Auto Body, Paint Experts Shop in Delray Beach

The friendly staff at Collision Concepts of Delray Beach will help you restore your car to its original condition. Nobody else has to know about your less-than-favorable driving record.

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If you need to come in for frame repair work including automotive paint, you can drop it off knowing that it will be taken care of correctly, with the utmost care. We are proud of our work.

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Remember, an auto body paint job requires a certain level of expertise and experience in auto repairs. Unlike changing the tires or replacing some auto parts in the engine, a vehicle paint job requires more skill and care. It is a delicate job that requires attention to detail. If it is not completed correctly, it can cause headaches down the road. The paint may deteriorate quickly and you’ll have to re-do the paint repair again.

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At Collision Concepts, we paint vehicles in a state-of-the-art down-draft spray booth. This minimizes impurities in the paint, speeds up the curing time of the newly refinished surface and reduces errors in the application.

Whether you need to restore a faded and dull paint job, repairing a minor scratch, chip, or refinishing damage from an accident, Collision Concepts of Delray Beach will give you the expert auto body paint job you need! Our technicians will color match any newly painted areas into the original surface, leaving repair work completely under the radar. With a computerized paint matching system, we have the ability to access factory paint codes that match original colors through precise measuring of colors. Because the color of the paint on some cars fades due to sun exposure, spray-outs and test panels are performed before each color application. This way we ensure that all colors match. We strive to make your car look new again!

Repairing your car after a collision doesn’t have to be stressful. It is a huge relief to know that you’re dealing with an auto body repair shop that will take care of you and your car. What’s more important is that when you get your car back it looks like new under all manufacturer’s specifications. The work will be done right and won’t require a trip to another auto body repair shop.

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At Collision Concepts in Delray Beach, we strive to make every auto body repair experience the easiest it possibly can be. We help you handle the insurance paperwork for a smooth experience. We offer a well-done job